Do You Need Help Determining What Type of Gutters You Have?

The two most common styles of house and building gutters are k-style and half round. Of the two, k-style is the one you'll see the most often.
Most Common Type of Gutters
Typically k-style gutters are white and made of aluminum. K-style gutters are also available in galvanized steel and copper. We offer more than twenty different colors of aluminum guttering including brown, bronze, grey, black, red, blue, and green.

second most common type of gutters royal brown or white half round The second most common gutter type is half round. The distinctive half moon look of half round gutters will be obviously different from k-style. The two most common colors of half round are white and royal brown. We carry both colors and an array of other colors as well. Copper and galvanized steel is also available.

Another factor that is important for gutters is the dimentions or size. Most homes have 5 inch k-style gutters with 2x3 inch rectangular downspouts. Often we help homeowners alleviate problems with water drainage and clogging by installing larger 6 inch gutters and/or larger dimension 3x4 inch downspouts.

For example, a six inch gutter is going to stick out further away from your home and therefore can catch more water racing off a steep roof, or handle more water without overflowing due to a large area of roof draining into a small section of gutter. Larger gutters and downspouts are more pronounced on a house, but they can handle much more water and tend to clog less often because it is more difficult for anything to get stuck in them.

Gutter size is determined by measuring across the top of the gutter:

how to measure gutters on your house or commercial business six inch gutter measurement dimensions

Here is a relative comparison in size between 2x3 inch downspouts vs. 3x4 inch downspouts...likewise, a comparison between 3 inch round downspout and 4 inch round downspout.

rectangular 2x3 downspout compared to 3x4 downspout
round downspout sizes compared

We would be happy to help you if you are considering a change to a larger (or smaller) gutter or downspout size. Give us a call or request a free estimate. For more help, see our gutter replacement frequently asked questions.

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